SMS Geotechnical Solutions, Inc. has an AASHTO Accredited soils and aggregate testing laboratory (R18, C1077, D3740, E329, C117, C127, C128, C136, D1140, D1556, D1557, D2216, D2488, D4829, and D6938) that provides geotechnical testing services for in-house and outside clients. Testing is conducted using the most up to date tests standards.


The aim of the laboratory is to provide high quality services and analyses through advanced equipment and experienced, certified technicians. Testing includes and is not limited to:

     ∙   Consolidation Testing

     ∙   Direct Shear Testing

     ∙   Sedimentation and Hydrometer Analysis

     ∙   Grain Size Analysis through a mechanical shaker

     ∙   Modified and Standard Proctor Testing

     ∙   Specific Gravity for Soils and Aggregates

     ∙   Soil classification testing

     ∙   Expansion Index and Shrinkage Testing

     ∙   Field testing including sand cone and nuclear gauge density



SMS Geotechnical Solutions

 Professional Geotechnical Engineering Services

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